From the inside out


Hello everybody!

Almost a year ago I did not write, but let’s move on!
This text is for everyone, but especially for those who are worship leaders.
I’ve been thinking a lot about how it has been our life of devotion and worship to God and I have seen an inconsistency, and the reason is that we have changed the order of things.
What do you mean, Franklin?
Well, what we know is that the celestial arithmetic is quite different from ours, and when it comes to celestial arithmetic, the order of the factors changes the product, for sure.
And what many of us have done is to take care and pay more attention to the public part of our life of devotion and worship to God. We care in preparing programs that captivate the church, we care to make the best performance during the worship time, we care to do a good performance of solos and arrangements. All of that is wonderfully good and very rich. But the part that less or almost nothing we care is the particular part of our life of devotion and worship of God, which is the most important and by which we should start, because the correct order is from the secret to the public, and not otherwise.
True conversion and transformation happen from the inside out, not vice versa. So the authenticity of our public worship depends exclusively on our private worship, from the secret to the public, from the inside out, and yes, it makes all the difference.
In the secret is where you are equipped, is where you receive from God’s revelation, the direction is where you are filled to spill over the church, over those who are around you.
This tip is urgent for us to change the order of the factors for that the product is correctly manifested.
Take time alone with God, take time to worship Him in the secret of your room, take time to pour out your love before him where no one else can see you, and you will see the quality of your public life of devotion and worship to God spilling over the church and over everyone around you.

God bless you!

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