From the inside out


Hello everybody!

Almost a year ago I did not write, but let’s move on!
This text is for everyone, but especially for those who are worship leaders.
I’ve been thinking a lot about how it has been our life of devotion and worship to God and I have seen an inconsistency, and the reason is that we have changed the order of things.
What do you mean, Franklin?
Well, what we know is that the celestial arithmetic is quite different from ours, and when it comes to celestial arithmetic, the order of the factors changes the product, for sure.
And what many of us have done is to take care and pay more attention to the public part of our life of devotion and worship to God. We care in preparing programs that captivate the church, we care to make the best performance during the worship time, we care to do a good performance of solos and arrangements. All of that is wonderfully good and very rich. But the part that less or almost nothing we care is the particular part of our life of devotion and worship of God, which is the most important and by which we should start, because the correct order is from the secret to the public, and not otherwise.
True conversion and transformation happen from the inside out, not vice versa. So the authenticity of our public worship depends exclusively on our private worship, from the secret to the public, from the inside out, and yes, it makes all the difference.
In the secret is where you are equipped, is where you receive from God’s revelation, the direction is where you are filled to spill over the church, over those who are around you.
This tip is urgent for us to change the order of the factors for that the product is correctly manifested.
Take time alone with God, take time to worship Him in the secret of your room, take time to pour out your love before him where no one else can see you, and you will see the quality of your public life of devotion and worship to God spilling over the church and over everyone around you.

God bless you!

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Do not let loneliness consume thee!

“Who has a friend, even one, no matter where he is, never suffer from loneliness, may die of longing, but will not be alone.”   Amyr Klink

Shalom everybody! 

One day I lived a situation that made me think because solitude has reached many young people. If we stop to think logically, usually and generally, the elderly are more likely to feel alone.

Well, two of my friends who do not know, they approached me on the same day saying they were feeling alone. And I asked them: “Where are your friends?” And they answered me that they had no close friends to them, someone who could be next, someone they could trust. But I still prefer to believe that they have friends, but sometimes people have moments of great emotional need and end up wanting more than others can offer.

So I wonder: What is the concept of friendship, companionship, and reciprocity that these people have?

Observing and thinking about these questions I decided to talk about it with one of the pastors of my church, and I was aware of some things:

1 – A person who feels alone should seek the root of this problem. Why am I feeling lonely?

There are some factors, and may be internal or external. One of the internal factors is that the person often becomes isolated even unconsciously. In a crowd of people, the individual feels alone. And one of the external factors is that the person could actually being rejected by others.

2 – The person who sits in solitude must seek strength in the Lord and cry out for healing. The person must take a stand, can not sit still. The presence of God, His company is available to all who wish to, but sometimes we let God into the background.

I think virtually impossible for anyone not have at least one friend, someone close by.

I’ve also gone through moments of deep loneliness in my teens, but what changed was that I decided to do something, I decided to get up before the loneliness devour me.

Given all that I leave some questions to think about:

– What level of affection wish to receive? It is more than the other can give?

– What is the real reason we are feeling alone?

– Why not take an attitude of get up? Is it because we like to have the pain of loneliness as a pet?

– I know people are important, but it’s worth nurturing the pain caused to leave us alone?

– We have received the love and companionship that Jesus, our friend, has offered us at all times? 

Well, that’s it! Just wish we accept the friendship that the Lord has offered us, and we can open our eyes because there are people around us.

Do not let loneliness consume thee!


Watch this video and see how much Jesus loves us! Delirious’s song, “What a Friend I’ve Found” (Friend Forever)

What a friend I’ve found
Closer than a brother
I have felt your touch
More intimate than lovers

Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, friend forever

What a hope I’ve found
More faithful than a mother
It would break my heart
To ever lose each other

Speeches vs. Attitudes


Unfortunately one of the things that we see is the speech without the attitude. It’s blah blah blah!

What value has beautiful words, if the life of someone who says does not match what it says?

I believe you will agree with me on this phrase: Speech without atidude is equivalent to nothing, ie is FALSE!

 I heard something one day, one word at a famous preacher here in Brazil, he said: “Our life is an open letter and people are reading!” I grabbed that word, which is true for all of us. The Bible says we are circled by a great cloud of witnesses. Our words and our attitudes have been studied by many people, which we can not even imagine.

Think with me: Would you give credit to the speech of someone who speaks what do not you? 

 Well, it’s sad but who does not speak what they live is a liar and we all already know that the devil is the father of lies, says the Word, and who lies… [I prefer not complete, because you get the idea]

Our speech has to be aligned with what we live if we live by the Word of God, our discourse has to be the Word of God. [Wow! This insight came to light now as I was writing.] And God reminded me of a verse where Jesus says exactly that, John 12:49: “Because I have not spoken for myself, but the Father who sent me, me has prescribed what to say and what they advertise.” Wow! Incredible, no? Now consider the whole discourse of Jesus and His actions.

 I searched the dictionary meaning of the word hypocrisy, and look what it tells us:

hypocrisy – an affectation of virtue, a sentiment that has not been commendable; pretense of goodness of ideas or opinions significant; feigned devotion.

You get the idea, no? And I have more to say, that Jesus Himself called these people the Pharisees, brood of vipers.

In closing, just say one thing: Do not live what you preach, but preach what you live. The truth has incredible power, while the lie does not last long and is not solid. Truth is eternal. The creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, the manifestation is attitude!

Stop and think a little!

 You want to live a supernatural life in Jesus Christ? Do like Him, or at least try! It is possible yes!

Sincerely, and believe that this is only the beginning!