Do not let loneliness consume thee!

“Who has a friend, even one, no matter where he is, never suffer from loneliness, may die of longing, but will not be alone.”   Amyr Klink

Shalom everybody! 

One day I lived a situation that made me think because solitude has reached many young people. If we stop to think logically, usually and generally, the elderly are more likely to feel alone.

Well, two of my friends who do not know, they approached me on the same day saying they were feeling alone. And I asked them: “Where are your friends?” And they answered me that they had no close friends to them, someone who could be next, someone they could trust. But I still prefer to believe that they have friends, but sometimes people have moments of great emotional need and end up wanting more than others can offer.

So I wonder: What is the concept of friendship, companionship, and reciprocity that these people have?

Observing and thinking about these questions I decided to talk about it with one of the pastors of my church, and I was aware of some things:

1 – A person who feels alone should seek the root of this problem. Why am I feeling lonely?

There are some factors, and may be internal or external. One of the internal factors is that the person often becomes isolated even unconsciously. In a crowd of people, the individual feels alone. And one of the external factors is that the person could actually being rejected by others.

2 – The person who sits in solitude must seek strength in the Lord and cry out for healing. The person must take a stand, can not sit still. The presence of God, His company is available to all who wish to, but sometimes we let God into the background.

I think virtually impossible for anyone not have at least one friend, someone close by.

I’ve also gone through moments of deep loneliness in my teens, but what changed was that I decided to do something, I decided to get up before the loneliness devour me.

Given all that I leave some questions to think about:

– What level of affection wish to receive? It is more than the other can give?

– What is the real reason we are feeling alone?

– Why not take an attitude of get up? Is it because we like to have the pain of loneliness as a pet?

– I know people are important, but it’s worth nurturing the pain caused to leave us alone?

– We have received the love and companionship that Jesus, our friend, has offered us at all times? 

Well, that’s it! Just wish we accept the friendship that the Lord has offered us, and we can open our eyes because there are people around us.

Do not let loneliness consume thee!


Watch this video and see how much Jesus loves us! Delirious’s song, “What a Friend I’ve Found” (Friend Forever)

What a friend I’ve found
Closer than a brother
I have felt your touch
More intimate than lovers

Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, friend forever

What a hope I’ve found
More faithful than a mother
It would break my heart
To ever lose each other

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