Speeches vs. Attitudes


Unfortunately one of the things that we see is the speech without the attitude. It’s blah blah blah!

What value has beautiful words, if the life of someone who says does not match what it says?

I believe you will agree with me on this phrase: Speech without atidude is equivalent to nothing, ie is FALSE!

 I heard something one day, one word at a famous preacher here in Brazil, he said: “Our life is an open letter and people are reading!” I grabbed that word, which is true for all of us. The Bible says we are circled by a great cloud of witnesses. Our words and our attitudes have been studied by many people, which we can not even imagine.

Think with me: Would you give credit to the speech of someone who speaks what do not you? 

 Well, it’s sad but who does not speak what they live is a liar and we all already know that the devil is the father of lies, says the Word, and who lies… [I prefer not complete, because you get the idea]

Our speech has to be aligned with what we live if we live by the Word of God, our discourse has to be the Word of God. [Wow! This insight came to light now as I was writing.] And God reminded me of a verse where Jesus says exactly that, John 12:49: “Because I have not spoken for myself, but the Father who sent me, me has prescribed what to say and what they advertise.” Wow! Incredible, no? Now consider the whole discourse of Jesus and His actions.

 I searched the dictionary meaning of the word hypocrisy, and look what it tells us:

hypocrisy – an affectation of virtue, a sentiment that has not been commendable; pretense of goodness of ideas or opinions significant; feigned devotion.

You get the idea, no? And I have more to say, that Jesus Himself called these people the Pharisees, brood of vipers.

In closing, just say one thing: Do not live what you preach, but preach what you live. The truth has incredible power, while the lie does not last long and is not solid. Truth is eternal. The creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, the manifestation is attitude!

Stop and think a little!

 You want to live a supernatural life in Jesus Christ? Do like Him, or at least try! It is possible yes!

Sincerely, and believe that this is only the beginning!


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